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We will quickly introduce you to tried and tested managers who fit your specifications precisely – because we know how to address the right people. No challenge is too great for us: even for highly specialized profiles, we will find suitable candidates for you.

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since30years experience in Personnel Consulting

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We know the right person for your specific position.

  • Fill your critical management position quickly - with exactly the right person.
    With more than 30 years experience, we have already met the right candidates for you.
  • Entrust your crucial personnel search to experienced hands.
    We have placed over 1.000 candidates successfully: no challenge is ever beyond us.
  • Don't take risks with positions which are crucial for your company’s success.
    We offer candidates guarantee during the trial period.

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Bernd Hilgenberg

It wasn't easy to find the right person for the position of Development Manager. But the HR consultants at von der Heyden, Reitzel & Reichenberger GmbH provided us with an ideal individual within three months. We are entirely satisfied with the manager, who has made an outstanding start, and with the other positions we have filled in this way.

Bernd Hilgenberg
(Director of Development and Technology)

Gianni Vetrini

After an intensive search the HR consultants von der Heyden, Reitzel & Reichenberger GmbH succeeded in obtaining for us exactly the right manager for our German subsidiary, a manufacturing company in the glass industry, within just two months. They advised us on an equal footing – for us, the HR consultants at vdHRRs are our Trusted Advisor when it comes to filling senior positions.

Gianni Vetrini
(CEO of the Italian parent company)
Barberini GmbH

Our Success is the Convincing Factor.

Special Machine Construction

Special Machine Construction

Filled Position: Managing Director Dubai for Middle East & Africa
Success: Within just six weeks interviews were being held both with local candidates from Dubai and candidates from Germany and other countries. The company was delighted with the selection of top candidates and with the strict specifications for the project.
IT Security

IT Security

Filled Position: Managing Director with worldwide responsibility
Success: The challenge was to find a Managing Director who was both highly competent at the international level and experienced in a very specific and demanding client segment. We were able to fill the position with the ideal candidate within three months.


Electronics/Security Components

Electronics/ Security Components

Filled Position: Sales Director Europe
Success: In a market with few suppliers we were able to find a suitable candidate, who had already developed this sector in another respected company within the same client segment. In his new position he implemented the marketing of new technologies with great success.
Mesurement Technology

Measurement Technology

Filled Position: Manager for International Sales
Success: We were able to find a candidate who perfectly fulfilled the requirements of the founders of the company and the private equity shareholders and was also able to establish the still relatively small company successfully on the market against its larger competitors.
Special Machine Construction

Special Machine Construction

Filled Position: VP Value Added Solutions & Services
Success: We managed to present the company with the ideal individual for this newly-created managerial position, within a sector of business that was strategically vital for the future of the company.

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