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Server Log Files
The provider of this website automatically obtains and stores information in so-called server log files, which your browser automatically conveys to us. This information comprises:
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This data cannot be matched with individual persons. This data is not combined with other data sources. We reserve the right to examine this data at a later point in time if we are made aware of concrete reasons to suspect illegal usage.

Contact Form
If you submit enquiries to us by means of the Contact Form, we store the information on this form, including the contact data you submit there, so that we can process your enquiry and use it in the case of any further correspondence. We do not pass on this data without your approval.

Registration on this Website
You can register on our website in order to take advantage of additional functions of the website. We only use the data you submit in order to make use of the particular offer or service you have registered for.
In the case of important changes, for example to the extent of the offer, or for any changes necessary for technical reasons, we use the e-mail address you submit during registration in order to convey this information to you.

Processing of Data (Client and Contract Data)
We only obtain, process and use data referring to the individual insofar as it is required for the establishment, contextual structure or modification of a legal relationship (Inventory Data). We only obtain, process and use data referring to the individual regarding the usage of our website (Usage Data) insofar as it is required to enable the user to take advantage of the service or calculate any fees involved.

Information, Deletion, Blocking
You have the right at any time to information, free of charge, about data which has been stored referring to you as an individual, its origin, point of receipt and the purpose of the data processing, and also the right to block or delete this data. For this purpose, or for any other questions relating to personal data, you can apply to us at any time via the address indicated in the Imprint section.

Prohibition of Advertising E-mails
The use of contact data published in the context of the Imprint for the purpose of sending promotional and advertising material which has not been expressly requested is hereby prohibited. The operators of the website reserve the right to take legal action in the case of unsolicited dispatch of advertising information, such as by means of spam e-mails.

External Links
As the provider of this website, vdHRR is responsible for the content which it makes available, in accordance with the general laws applicable. Links to other websites provided by different operators are not included in this stipulation. This third-party content does not originate with vdHRR, and vdHRR has no opportunity to influence the content of these third-party websites. The content of websites referred to by vdHRR by means of links does not reflect the opinion of vdHRR and is only made available here for the purpose of information and comparison. vdHRR does not accept liability for third-party content which it only refers to in the sense outlined above. This responsibility rests solely with the provider of this content.

Trade Marks
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Data Privacy
Personal information is only stored if visitors to the website have provided us with it, for example within the context of an enquiry, a questionnaire or similar. This data is processed and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Laws of Germany. This Data Protection declaration does not extend to the websites of third parties which are embedded in this website or referred to in links.